Sunday, December 20, 2015

Caring Hearts Card Drive

This post is a little different, as it's not a card share... it's about how this awesome community of cardmakers was able to come together to put smiles on the faces of some of those who live in nursing homes.  A very big shout out goes to Vera Yates and Jennifer McGuire, who put together the Caring Hearts Card Drive.   It's such an awesome thing to see people smile when they receive a beautiful handmade card!   

When I found out about the Caring Hearts Card Drive in 2013 and that they were looking for volunteers to bring the cards to local nursing homes, I was happy to volunteer, as my grandmother had just moved into a nursing home.  All the residents were so excited to receive the cards and talk about who had sent them and what state (or country!) the cards had come from.    Sadly, my grandmother passed away in June 2014,  but by the time November 2014 rolled around, both of my OTHER grandparents had moved into an assisted living facility.   So I volunteered again - and again, it was such a positive experience!  So of course I volunteered again in 2015.    But this year was different.    My grandfather passed away in June of this year, and just a day before Thanksgiving, we lost my grandmother as well. 

I had committed to bringing the cards, but let me tell you - it was so strange to walk in and know that none of my family was there.   Almost surreal, in fact!   But my mother and I handed out some of the cards, and it was wonderful to hear everyone talking about how amazing the cards were, and what a lovely gesture it was for everyone to send them.   It certainly put a big smile on my face!  

For those who sent in cards, thank you!    And to those who sponsored the card drive with prizes, thank you as well!   And a BIG thank you to Jennifer and Vera - your amazing vision and dedication makes the holidays brighter for so many people.   I've witnessed it....and it's a beautiful thing! 


  1. Bless your heart for distributing (and making) cards for this card drive. I know how very much they're appreciated. I hope you'll continue every year, in honor of the memory of your sweet grandparents. Merry Christmas to you and your family. May you be blessed with joy, peace and good health in the year ahead.

    1. Thank you, Ellen! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. this is such a sweet story Kim! It must have been awesome to see all the happy smiles of the residents that got cards! LOVE IT!

  3. It is certainly a beautiful thing! Great job Kimberly.


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