Monday, October 20, 2014

Creative Blog Hop!

Good Monday morning to you! Well, it's Monday, so at least I hope it's been good for you so far. Mondays can be tough! Last week, the very talented Crafty Math Chick nominated me for the Creative Blog fun is that?! There are four questions for me to answer, so let's get to it, shall we?

1. What are you working on now?

Cleaning up my craft room, lol! This past weekend I had my husband hang some Ikea shelves I purchased back in July. I'm so happy they're finally up, but I've been moving things around to fill the shelves and open up some drawer space! As far as projects go, I have a birthday card in progress on my desk, using some of my favorite patterned paper ever - Basic Grey's Knee Highs! Talk about bright and cheerful!!!
2. How does your work differ from others in your genre? 
This one is so tough to answer! I think that maybe my style differs because I don't have a definitive style at all, nor do I want to be known for one. I like so many different styles, and don't want to be pigeonholed. I like brights and pastels, elegant and cutesy. Some people have a "style" and do it so well....I am envious! But on the other hand, I wouldn't change the way I craft because it makes me happy! 
3. Why do I create what I do?
That is super simple! I create what I do because it makes me happy! Well....probably 95% of the time it makes me happy....the other 5% comes into play when I struggle with something and I'm not happy with how it turns out! But I think that happens to most of us.....right? Tell me I'm not alone here, lol!
4. How does my creative process work?
This is funny - I guess I've never really thought about it! I usually need some kind of starting point, be it a sketch or a challenge, or just some sort of inspiration that's caught my eye from Pinterest or a catalog. I love when I see a stamp set and automatically know EXACTLY what I want to do with it, but that's not super often.

Thanks for hanging with me this morning! To keep the hop going, I am nominating:

Stephanie Muzzulin - Stephanie is super talented! She designs for Newton's Nook Designs & Unity Stamp Co. She is fabulous at mixing patterned papers - something I struggle with! Check out her blog (love the owl in the header!) and say hi!